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January 16, 2019
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April 21, 2019

Are You Brave Enough To Be Unique?

We are a population of consumers. Daily we spend money on different things, useful or less useful, because shopping is therapy, right?! :) No matter where we are, there is always something for us to buy - that we just need to have(!) Remarkable is that lately we started to pay more attention to handmade things, either if it is accessories, home decorations or skincare products.

But who are the people that are buying handmade products? Usually, the handmade consumer is looking for more than just a brand. She is tired of crowded malls and mass imposed things; her ambition is to wear something different to stand out on the street. Because she realizes that handmade products are a living culture - it is love, creativity and uniqueness.

Did you know that when buying handmade items you support the local artisans, the community and the local economy? Also you will even be the proud owner of unique and high quality products, because every artisan puts pride in her work and want it to last.
Now is the time to step outside the box to reveal your beautiful personality, to allow yourself to wear a story, because every handmade piece tells a story.

So, are you brave enough to be unique?

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