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May 25, 2019
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July 2, 2019


It seems like earning money is the priority, to be successful nowadays. Especially for the lifestyle in Dubai where Friday brunches, afterwork drinks and expensive dinners are an everyday activity, it requires you to earn a certain amount of money to survive here - and isn't it what we all came for anyways? Dubai is the business platform where Luxury becomes normal!

This change happens because we automatically fit into the crowd surrounding us - If people around you earn more money, you will allow yourself to earn more and if people around you are successful, you allow yourself to have success as well!
From a coaching perspective, we are forming our habits from we are born, till we are about 5-6 years old. We store them in our subconscious and slowly live on autopilot, based on those habits. If you grow up in a family with good money, you will see it as normal and acceptable to earn a good salary, because that's what you are taught is normal. If you are used to a certain lifestyle, where you are raised to accept to have money in your saving account, you automatically do the necessary to earn the money needed, to live that same lifestyle. The same way around, if you come from a less fortune family - you will be used to struggle, your parents will teach you that life is tough and that you can't get everything you want. But those limits and habits are set based on their own habits, and this is why it is so challenging to change your habits.. You need to dig into your subconscious to rebuild the stories, controlling what you can allow yourself to deserve in life.

The following will support you in changing your habits

1. Buy a large board or allocate a space on your wall
2. Get a bunch of different magazines
3. Cut our everything that you like or wish for, from the magazines
4. Glue the images on the board/wall
5. Spend at least 10 min every day looking at your images, while saying out loud "I'm grateful and blessed to have (mention each image) in my life" - Even though you don't have it yet.

1. Buy a notebook and place it by your bedside
2. Spend 10 min. every morning to write down:
  • At least 3 things that you are grateful and blessed about in your life
  • At lease 3 things that you want to have. Write it as you already have it; "I'm grateful and blessed to have success in my business"
3. Read the statements as many times as possible during the day

Remember, Rome didn't get build in 1 day - Be patient and smile, change will come when you are ready for it!


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