June 30, 2019
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August 12, 2019

How to Build a Successful Brand

The first step when building your business, is building your brand. This is the most important step in your entrepreneurial journey, as your brand identity will define the essence of your values, your ESP (Emotional Selling Proposition) and your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

In this blogpost, we will get around those three areas by guiding you through the process of Building your Successful Brand.
Basic marketing is teaching us how to sell, and in order to sell, we need to know who we are selling to. A Target Group analysis is therefore the first thing to do when building your brand and here are the steps to get around the topic:

1. Persona
Create your ideal customer - Where is she/he from, how old, what does the person do for a living, what activities does she/he do, what is her/his income? Get as many details down as possible, as the better you can identify yourself with this person, the easier it will be to know how to sell your product or service to her/him.

2. Primary Target Group
Make an overall description - Geography, age, hobbies, income and why they need your product or service.

Story Telling

When you have your Persona defined, it's time to dig into your story! Not only is this part of your brand very important, it is also a fun part to develop..
To build a successful brand, your story needs to include Trust, Drama/Problems, Reliability, Identification, Simplicity and Emotions.

Here's how you get started - write down your answers to the following:
1. Why/how did you get the idea for your product/service?
2. Why are you enthusiastic about this product/service?
3. Which problems will your product/service solve?

Now structure your answers into a storytelling in the following order:
1. Introduction - Who are you and how did you get started.
2. Drama - Point out the problem that needs to be solved.
3. Solution - Your product/service can solve the problem.
4. Surprise - Identify yourself with your persona and throw a surprise fact/experience/gift that will make them buy NOW!

You are probably sitting with a very long story now.. So it's time to simplify it - A good storytelling is about half a page long!
1. Read it out loud a few times to pick out the vital parts.
2. Read it to one of your friends, that fit your persona profile - Take her/his feedback seriously.
3. Ask yourself realistic questions to get it more specific - Why is your product/service better than your competitors?
4. Include your own questions in your storytelling to let your customers know that you already thought of it.

Last adjustments:
1. Is your story interesting to read?
2. Do you share emotions?
3. Is your story true? (confidence is great, but your customers have to believe you to buy it!)
4. Are you pointing out how unique it is?
5. Did you include a Call-to-Action in your Surprise?

Please share your experience and opinion on this post, in a comment <3

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