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April 16, 2016
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April 18, 2016

Meet & Greet: An Entrepreneur

At Markat ME we love meeting likeminded entrepreneurs who fight to turn their passion into business. We meet the enthusiastic Dane, Christina Leth, who works as a photographer here in Dubai and who has managed to turn her hobby into a successful career in less than a year. As her story is very inspiring and she has been a huge part of our Daughter company Designers POP UP, we would like to share her story with you!

I have always been interested in photography, so when I moved to Dubai two years ago I decided to find a job within this field, to develop my technique, style and general knowledge, to build my portfolio. After a year of getting to know every detail possible, I finally took the step to start my own company and am loving it!
We met Christina already last summer, where she had just launched her new company, Christina Leth Photography, as she offered to cover our live market events for Designers POP UP in Urban Bistro café.

It was obvious that she had turned her hobby into a professional business, with edited images sent already the day after, we were lucky to have her supporting out markets throughout the year!

But it’s not easy to balance the different roles of being a start-up. Marketing, Sales, Talent, Accountant, Graphic Designer and many more areas needs to be managed and this is what is really hard, when going solo.
Even though my business set-up is quite simple, I still had to learn a lot of new things; I build my own website through a template and decided to asked my network (and YouTube) for help, to learn everything myself, rather than spending my budget on hiring experts

Her best advice when taking the big step of starting your own company is to remember that what you give is what you get.,

Dubai is all about network, so to have people recommending your work, is what is generating more work. So get out there, find collaborations like I did with Markat ME and Designers POP UP, and attend as many networking events as possible

Some examples of a fashion shoot Christina took for a Dubai based Fashion Blogger.
You can see Christina’s website here and follow her on Instagram here!

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