Blue Flowers Cover
April 11, 2016
White Calf Skin Cover
April 12, 2016
10993108_Large flowers cover
11016838_Beige base w large flowers
10991350_Inside overview
10982474_Inside zipper
10348290_Inside branding

Large Flowers Cover

500.00 د.إ

The concept introduces to themarket a new smartbag that gives women the opportunity to indulge in their creativity. The bag allows them to be their own designers and accessorize their look according to their taste, style and mood.

The smartbag features interchangeable covers and straps; giving the owner a brand new image every time.

The transformation can be achieved through the use of two straps; one as leather and the other as gold platted copper chain. The covers come in different colours, textures and leather style.

The trademark includes the signature fushia colour inside the bag.

Go on be moody.

Sold By Capricieuse
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Sonia Guetat, founder and designer of Capridesign which includes Capriceuseand Le Dressing Room, was born in Belgium to Tunisian parents.

She established her permanent residence in Dubai in 2007. She is married and the mother of a handsome boy.

Her passion for fashion and arts started at an early age with an introduction at age 4 to music, ballet and drama where for over 18 years she developed and crafted her love for theatre through thousands of roles in classical and modern plays as a semi-pro.

After pursuing more conventional studies and working in various industries, she realized something was missing in her life: creativity.

After traveling the world for several years, Sonia launched Le Dressing Room right here in Dubai, which is a fashion e-boutique that was inspired by what she thought was missing in the retail market. Le Dressing Room was launched in 2013. A unique and affordable fashion boutique that allows women to get a unique style at a reasonable price. The idea was to launch a high end style at mass production cost. The concept was a hit with the young female audience.

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