Single Diamond Love Is The Bomb Bangle
September 8, 2016
Love Is The Bomb Diamond Ring Set
September 13, 2016

PeaceBomb Arrow Bangle

250.00 د.إ

PeaceBomb Arrow Bangle

Point forward without forgetting the past.

UNISEX. Matt finished military grade aluminium with an industrial beauty. Will become shiny after time with constant wear.

Engraved in New York. Exterior engraved with 3 Arrows and interior engraved”ARTICLE22 :: PEACEBOMB + DROPPED AND MADE IN LAOS”

Comes complete with ARTICLE22 story card in a hand woven cotton gift pouch.

Each purchase includes a donation to further de-mine bomb littered land in Laos and support community development.

Standard Size is 2.6″ Diameter

(Fit depends on the flexibility of the hand and knuckles. As a guide only – Measure the width of the pointer finger to the pinky finger flat against a ruler. If under 3″ standard PeaceBomb Bangle should fit comfortably)


PeaceBomb jewellery is hand made by artisans in Laos by melting metal from Vietnam War era aluminium B-52 bombs, fighter jets and scrap metal in an earthen kiln, then pouring the heated metal in wood and ash moulds. Each piece is unique and perfectly imperfect. Inspires curiosity and conversation.

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